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Programs and Services

Each quarter we host events that showcase the various cultures of the Middle East. We celebrate cultural richness through traditional cooking and calligraphy workshops, bridge cultural ties and honor our heritage at Middle Eastern Week, and share our knowledge through educational workshops. Each event is a chance to make new friends, share ideas and enhance your UCR experience. 

The student assembly meets weekly to serve as the governing board for events and programs sponsored by MESC. Everyone is welcome to join these meetings and propose ideas for collaborations. Find out more.
Explore the various experiences of the Middle Eastern community with quarterly film screenings, speakers and performances.
We are here to educate the UCR community about the varying historical, cultural, political and religious dynamics that shape the Middle East. These engaging workshops include research forums, literary readings, historical displays, and cultural celebrations. Contact us to find out how to attend.
MESC encourages growth and leadership development through our Peer Mentorship Program, organization support and leadership training.
We want our students to excel! Each student will have the opportunity to access campus resources and receive referrals to the appropriate departments. Even within a diverse student body, the Middle Eastern community may encounter negativity and discrimination. Our staff provides appropriate referrals to respective departments and campus resources.
Clubs/organizations or individual students involved with MESC will have the opportunity to receive assistance with event planning and coordination, speaker engagements, room reservations and much more. Contact Tina Aoun.
We strive to teach the UCR community about the Middle Eastern culture through exciting events like Middle Eastern Week, the Hijab Monologues and MESCafe. See more of our fun events here.
Our Peer Mentorship program will connect you with academic resources, events and advice to help to enhance your college career. To become a peer mentor or be mentored, please contact Tina Aoun.





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